A&V – “Who are you”: Yeah, who?

It’s Friday! Time for some uptempo groove to kickstart the weekend. And this time we do it the techno way:

I did mention “groovy”? This track rolls on it. Dark, relentless, insisting, repeating yet constantly evolving. Come taste the underground. Ah man, I love the drive on display here.

The individual (duo?) behind the track calls his/her/themselves A&V, and I find exactly zero about them anywhere on the interwebz, including their profile on Spotify. Nothing. Not a single word. Makes me wonder,
– Who are you, A&V?

And with 3 monthly listeners and 2 followers on Spotify they set a new record on this blog on degree of “undiscoveredness” that’s really hard to beat. Checks all the right boxes for this blog.

Have a great weekend – see you again next week for more undiscovered electronica goodness! As for me, I really want to seek out a small, hot, real underground club this weekend. I blame it on this track.

All while the radar keeps scanning…