Elpine – “Veil”: Deep, Deeper, Elpine

So, you don’t think I go deep enough here on my blog? Well, the Canadian artist Elpine is here to assist me in proving you wrong.

Here’s the gorgeous title track from his EP “Veil”. Deep, progressively built, and really very well produced:

The flow is just so effortless in this one. Never too insisting, if you want to let it slip into the background you can do so without it complaining. And if you do pay attention, you’re almost guaranteed to enter a peaceful state of mind. This is THC in audio form. A class act from start to finish.

In fact it’s so calm, that I could not really make up my mind what Beatradar playlist I should add it to. I ended up adding it to “The Calm Lounge”:

If you like what you hear, I’d love it if you do “follow” the list and join our assembly of the calmest, classiest tracks out there.

Just a footnote, but for statistics geeks it’s worth noticing that this guy has almost the same amount of followers and monthly listeners after one single release. That’s pretty darn impressive, to say the least. After having read plenty artist profiles over the time-span of this blog it seems to me that typically artists tend to have roughly 10% of monthly listeners as followers.