Jake Kaiser – Introspection: A frictionless glide

Come join me for a trip back to the world of progressive again, shall we?

I’ll admit it right away: I’ve often had a problem separating what they’ve called progressive trance from progressive house. More often than not I’d call it all progressive house. Not that it matters. It’s just in this day and age where everything has to be correctly tagged I sometimes feel like I’ve turned into a damn genre police.

Anyhow, this time what I have on my player most definitely has to be a progressive trance track:

Big, big, big. That’s what this track is. Massive. Soft. Hypnotic. A dream-like theme and a bass that embrace everyone and gives them a bear hug. This is PLUR. Peace, Love, Unity, Respect.

Steadily building itself up like a progressive track should but never losing temper, not once. In fact it’s so harmonic, so calm that I’m thinking it could work equally well for dancing and meditation? Hmmm… Not that I meditate, so how would I know. But I do achieve an internal calmness from this track here.

A prefect, calm way of starting the new week, if you ask me.