Marco Rovere – “Yondu Udonta”: Dark, hypnotic hybrid

Time for another track that really, really triggers my clubbing instincts, this time from Italy.

It’s a techno/house hybrid and yeah, it’s deep. Marco Rovere’s creation is a dark beast with exquisite progressive qualities.
The growling, dry lead loop claws itself into your head. Warm pads and synths glues the shredded audio landscape together into one gorgeous travel through a rough but appealing route.

And what a trip. Constantly rolling, eating its way through your consciousness in that captivating, almost hypnotising way that good club music really is all about. This is a track that grows for each playthrough.

And the bass! Omg, the bass. Pierces your mind. Begs to be thrown onto a giant PA.

This track went straight into our Techno Club playlist on Spotify. If you dig this track chances are good you’ll like the rest of the list as well. Give it a follow! After all, the weekend is ahead. Blasters on stun!