MidDream – “Breathless”: Strung Out Beats

Ever since Paul Hardcastle seduced the world with his 1985 hit “19” the combo of a documentary style spoken word on top of an electronica track has had a particular appeal to me.

But that’s where the similarities with MidDream’s debut EP “Vaporlane” ends. This EP is filled with a delightfully underground, solitude, lofi atmosphere that really triggers my curiosity.

The whole EP is worthy of your time, but I’ve picked out “Breathless” as its ambassador:

Exceptionally suitable tracks for those chill after-parties with good friends and nothing booked for tomorrow. You know what I’m talking about.

Calm beats and yeah, they are not afraid to use their lowpass filters. A vocal that embeds itself in the background rather than than craving attention at centre stage, and with down-pitched spoken word samples from what must be a 60s movie or something? Let’s hope they got their samples cleared.

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