Sullik – “Fire”: Gritty beauty

Put your helmet on. It’s time to lower ourselves into the dark and dirty mines of the electronica underground.

“Minimalism” is a wave that never reached the breakbeat shores. And thank the gods for that. Still as big, profligate and monstrous as ever. Here’s a fine example. It’s building a massive tower of dirt as it growls up from the ground. A filthy, ugly breaks monster to churn your mining gear into:

The looped samples are all cogs in a giant mechanical structure, lumping over you like a steampunk machine from the deep.

Yeah, I dig stuff like that, and this track serves well to illustrate why. I’ve always been a big fan of breaks ever since the genre took shape as rather exotic b-side remixes on late 80s 12″ singles (at least, that’s the starting point of my love affair with these kind of beats), and really finding its form during the 90s.

And with six followers on Spotify, well you can’t get more undiscovered than that, can you? So if you’re a breakbeat aficionado, here’s a unique track for your collection. Your audience is practically guaranteed to not have heard it before. Cool!