Ucros – “Really Different”: Not really, but good!

Once again a progressive house track is on my plate. And while I promise to spread out a bit more than what is done so far in regards to genres, here’s a track that’s such a find for this blog that I had to post about it right away: It’s a really solid production – from an artist that barely has a following at all on Spotify… Yet. Perfect!

It’s deep, it’s rolling, and it’s just so, so true to the genre.

A devils advocate would argue that this track do not qualify to the title at all, cause it brings exactly zero different or new to the table whatsoever.
But I’ll ignore the devil for now. My “progressive house DJ genes” are practically screaming to build a set with this track as one of the building blocks in the selection. If you are met by stuff like this when you enter a club, you just know you’re in for a treat that night.

Yeah. It works.