William French – “Light”: An illuminating moment

Four Tets fantastic remix of “Opal” springs to mind when listening to the lead in the Norwegian producer William French‘s latest creation, “Light”. Do I also hear a little bit of Röyksopp?

Not to imply this is a copycat, not at all. But there’s elements sprinkled all across this track that makes one go “hmmm – this reminds me of…”.

But as often is with music, it’s more about how you do it more than what you do. Case in point: Lest we remember the music genius Prince were often called “the Prince of thieves”.

And this track here is an elegant piece of down-tempo, dreamy electronica. Gorgeous stuff. The melody is catchy, the mix is flawless. The arrangement is layered enough to offer new discoveries for many rounds. It’s all in the details.
See, that’s where many less experienced producers fail: You’ve heard it all after the first playthrough. This track, on the other hand, can easily be played on repeat – and that in itself is a stamp of quality.

So, Willy: Shine your light on us! (Pffft… Sorry. Bad pun.)

Add this little beauty to your relevant playlist, because Light deserves to lighten your days!

… Duh. Sorry, I just had to… I’ll close the door on my way out.