Yokii – “Mind: Angst”: The angst we want to keep

A trembling piano. Soaring voices. Dissonant noises. Is that an air siren I sense in the distance? Oh hello there, angst.

It’s about time I cover an ambient track on this blog. After all, it’s one of my absolute favourite genres. And this track here stands as an excellent example for why. Cinematic, dramatic, yet toned down and slowly moving.

And the angst! Oh dear me. It is here to be felt, smelled and feared. The monotone piano chords adds a melodic element often forgotten in ambient works like this. For me, that is the cherry on top, and makes it straight into my ambient playlist.

If I were to criticise it for something, it is that it is too short. It would benefit from being longer, at least by 2-3 minutes. It’s too quick a visit.

But that’s really just a compliment in disguise. This is an angst that we want to keep.