Alembia – “Continuum (dub)”: A Solid Travel On Abstract Grounds

A harmonic, melodic and almost ambient theme, peacefully floating on top of a solid groove. That’s how I’d describe today’s track in a handful of words. But I can’t stop there, or this post will be a tad too short.

But with no further do I invite you to press play:

Alembia is a Swedish trio, and their concept grew out of jamming with loop pedals and ambient effects, and thus found their way to a psychedelic, atmospheric sound inspired by nature. Shortly thereafter they moved into the realm of production and sound design.

My pick is actually the “b-side” on the release, the second track from their studio production debut Continuum. This dub version is as one might expect an even more calm and house’ish version of the single, we’re entering deep house grounds here. Short and sweet. Too short, some might say. But just play it on repeat! 🙂

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