Shay De Castro – “Suspicious Machines”: The seductive wood block

First off, let me just get something off my chest please: Techno is supposed to be percussion based – as opposed to genres that are melody based. It should be obsolete to state such an obvious thing but judging from what people tend to call “techno” these days it seems to be necessary.

There’s even a “melodic techno” genre category over at Beatport now. Wtf is that about?!

Anyhow, today my pick is a track with a rather playful beat. It sports a lighter atmosphere than what I typically fall for in my techno/tech house selections. And yes, it’s percussion based. 🙂
And it’s the percussive details that makes it stand out from the massive amount of techno that are released these days.

In addition to the sexy wooden stab (whom we’ve heard before but is well used here) there’s all these little details especially during the first half of the track that is just so darn bouncy!
So it bounced straight into our Techno playlist:

I also have to admit that this post is quite lazy of me, since this track is actually the third pick I’ve done from the same compilation. But it’s not my fault that this release is a really good source for undiscovered gems, both due to the very high quality of the selected tracks and because it only contains artists largely undiscovered: Spliced Techno, vol.35.

Check it out, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree. They got good shit going on, and deserves our attention for that.

But I’m always – always – looking for new great tracks from fresh undiscovered electronica artists. Send us a message should you know of a release we must hear!