Branz, “I Will”: A will to repeat

On this blog I’ve earlier mentioned that when it comes to electronica, repetition is one of the things that fascinates me. To keep repeating the same hook over and over. The very thing that drives so many of the more mainstream oriented listeners away. Done right it makes the track come alive in a unique way. I totally dig that.

Here’s a track that falls under that category. It’s almost “three in one” (oooh – a Kinder surprise!). Starts off with a rather standard house chords loop. It could keep going like that, add some progression layers to it, and call i the day.

But it doesn’t. Instead at around 1:30 it changes shape into something else. Deeper, more groovy, more clubby. And then, a couple of minutes later it almost do a shape shift again, with a rather ambient piano as the new focal point.

A track built for the clubs. It’s clearly well arranged for DJs, this track. A base to build upon. It deserves to be part of something bigger, a set where it forms a link in the chain. That’s where this track would really shine.

Not to say it doesn’t stand on its own. It does. But it deserves a playlist accompanied by tracks that let it become that link in the chain. Do you run that playlist? Go add it!

In addition to our “Beatradar Selections” we also added this track to our rather new list “House Music Gems”:

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