Farrush – Round Robin: Well worth the rounds

I kick off this year in a melodic and utterly harmonic fashion. In fact, this find has some striking similarities from I Am Robot And Proud whom I ended last year with: Here’s another classically trained pianist who’s also a programmer, an artist totally fresh from the oven; “Farrush“.

Sliced vocals and layers upon layers with pure harmony. And with the neccessary little twirks and twirls in the arrangement to maintain your attention along the way:

It’s sweet, cute, mild and kind. Like how we want to be treated after a new years eve after-party.
And with 7 monthly listeners on Spotify as of writing we can safely declare this artist to be yet another great discovery here on Beatradar. I think he deserves your plays. Hopefully you’ll agree.

And… Happy new year, dear reader! It will be exciting to see what this year will bring us of new discoveries. The beatradar keeps scanning…!

This track is added to our Spotify Playlist “The Calm Lounge”:

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