Growing Boy – Ooo Boi: A Late Grower

Released in mid-December, this happy-go-lucky disco/funky track is kind of a hidden treasure. You need to give it a couple of minutes before it unfolds.

It starts off quite anonymously, one might even use the dreaded word “generic”. Standard fare. But then, right before the 2 minute mark, it wakes up:

This track feels a bit like riding a stock car. It barely holds together, in a rather charming way. You do bite your teeth and prepare yourself for the possible sudden disintegration. But it doesn’t, and you cross the finishing line with a grin on your face.

Growing Boy is a fella that introduce himself only with his first name, Grant. He lives in Oakland, USA and claim that he likes to combine noises until he starts shaking his body vigorously. If I’m not mistaken he does shake in that fashion when listening to the likes of Daft Punk.

Three singles are all we find on his Spotify profile today – and they are released with a hefty distance between; Before this track we need to go two years back, and the first were released a year before that again. So it’s quite safe to assume this is a hobbyist, and a great example of “the new age” of the music industry today.

Who knows, it might be another year or two before we hear anything from Grant again. But he’s worth following to receive a signal when he do combine noises the next time.

You’ll find Growing Boy, along with all other picks I’ve done on this blog, on our Spotify playlist “Beatradar Selections”.