Kevin Fause & OK+ – Adrenochrome: Chromatic Adrenaline FTW

To kick off the weekend I’ve found a track that I perceive as quite an hybrid between several sub-genres of house. Cool. I like stuff that’s not too conform.

Excellent progression throughout the track. A classic house groove establish the foundation, accompanied by spoken word vocals and an acidic lead loop. Plenty of breakdowns and buildups. One could argue they are all a bit predictive, perhaps a few surprises in the arrangement along the way would spice things up even more. Or maybe that’d overdo things. Either way it’s well crafted and built for dance floors at real club nights.
Or simply in your headset on your way to work. That works too. I can confirm by first hand experience.

Behind the production we find a collaboration between the Norwegian producer Kevin Fauske and whoever is behind “OK+” (oh bother filling out the stream platform’s artist profiles, guys. Some of us actually read them), and offers six and a half minute of feelgood groove. Finally a proper length! I’ve had to deal with far too many productions lately that’s clocking at a mere three minutes – that’s pop music length, guys.