P-Lask – Whirling: This is why we love house music

Gotta love house music. The cheerful, catchy stuff that makes you groove wherever and whatever situation you’re in.

And this track here does just that. A lovely round bass bounces around like a rubber ball in a toy store. Playful, funky and totally carefree:

P-Lask is Paul Laski: A sound designer, Ableton Live trainer, label owner and music production educator located in Los Angeles.

And if you check out his other tracks you do hear this is a producer who’s found his style. If you like my selection it’s well worth checking out the rest of his catalogue, they all hold the same qualities.

The track is of course added to our “Beatradar Selections” as we do with all our selections, but we also added this to our “House Music Gems” list:

Well worth following, if you ask us. You didn’t? Oh well, then.