Alex Tomb (feat. Sēbasu), “Zulu Marimbou”: Take a dip in the trippy side of the pond

Have you ever asked yourself what would come of the other end if we threw acid house, minimal, jazz, techno and deep house in a grinder and churned it vigorously?

Of course you have. We all have. Well, now we know!

The result is most definitely deep. And acidic. And jazzy. And minimal. And underground. And groovy – in that sublime, hypnotic way that we do find in quality deep house productions. Pretty darn awesome.

This is not the most accessible track, I suppose. Unless you’re accustomed to these necks of the electronica woods. But let it roll for a few times, just let it into your head and let it dangle around for a while. It’ll come to ya. It’s a good one.

We’ve created a new list for these kind of “deep, weird and wonderful” tracks. We’ll wait for it to reach a minimum number of tracks before we make it public, but until then you do of course find it on our ever expanding “Beatradar Selections” playlist:

A playlist that’s starting to get really, really diverse now!