B.Negativ, “Alkaloids”: A strange journey ahead

Here’s an abstract piece I found quite interesting. Hardly described as “accessible”, and not easy to tag when it comes to genre either, but with a unique flavour of… I don’t know… Techno, perhaps? Blended with ambient? Would that make you any wiser?

Nah, probably not. You better take a listen for yourself.

This track is the debut release from B.Negativ, a producer from Tel Aviv (Israel). It’s always so lovely to hear new talent aiming for the underground, niche productions. And being a totally fresh producer I think this calls for a pretty darn good start.

I especially like how the lead elements are so daringly pushed towards overdrive, and the sound of the beat is really unique too.

He’s got an eye for sound design, our friend from Israel. An act worth keeping an eye on!

He’s not on Spotify yet, so we can’t offer him on our “Beatradar Selections” playlist. However you find most of our other tracks there, and you are obviously invited to follow the list for a very wide selection of quality electronica (according to… Uhm, well… Us).