Bels Lontano, “Tumbleweed”: The oddball we almost missed

I listen to a lot of music in search for the gems for this blog during a week. And sometimes I do worry if I am about to get a bit lazy in the process, a little too quick on hitting that big red “reject” button.

Cause really, what about the kind of musicians that can’t be judged within a minute, or even during the first few playthroughs, but are of the kind that needs to grow on you? How many of those have I thrown away due to this?

Today I want to show you a track that could very well have been one of those I threw out of the window in my search for instant gratification.

It’s a bit on the odd side, this one. But luckily the artist, Bels Lontano, submitted more than one track to me and while browsing through them a picture started to emerge. A picture that was larger than one individual track, of a pretty unique artist with his very unique sound. Had I received just one track fromt his artist I’m pretty sure I’d decline it and jump to the next in line. That’s how shallow I am.

Quoting Bels, or Bret Bohman as his real name is, he is inspired by “an eclectic range of musical and non-musical sources, the project explores concepts of liminal spaces, natural beauty, therapy and personal growth through the creation of rich sonic tapestries and melodic beat music stemming from the traditions of IDM, hip-hop, contemporary classical and ambient”.

So I encourage you too, to keep this in mind while exploring this artist. It’s not for everyone, by all means. But it’s worth giving Bels just a few more minutes of your time, before you go on with your life. Just like I did.

He’s not on Spotify with this release, that’s how underground he is, so we can’t add him to our playlists.

… But we did add him to our hearts! (ok, now where did THAT come from…)