Capture, “The Hunt”: Charismatic beats from an anonymous producer

Ahhhh, breakbeat. Or just “breaks” as the kids call it today. The genre started shaping in the early nineties and evolved into something big, bad and monstrus around the turn of the century. And with that, my love affair with the genre was ignited.

This genre sounds so fundamentally BIG; Massive synths, massive beats, massive effects, layers upon layers with colossal stuff. That same bigness that later became the hallmark also for dubstep.

But breaks was there first, and still it’s my preferred “big” genre. And that takes us to this selection.

We need to head down under to Australia to find Capture. But that’s about all I know about this fella. He has a bit to learn when it comes to profiling himself on the internet: Not a word on who he is neither on his Soundcloud page or in Submithub.
We should then assume it’s a bedroom producer who just so happens to have made a bloody good track. Cool!

That also means Capture is not on Spotify. This is one artist that deserves to be picked up by a label. All while we with great probability can say, “you heard him here first”!