Christos Papadogias, “Sunday”: The bounce is back!

Aaaah yes. This track here is so totally up my alley. It warms a veteran clubbers heart. This is club music. I mean, the genre “club”, a genre who according to Beatport and Wikipeda no longer exist. We are supposed to call it “tech house” now. Oh well.

We’re heading to Greece to find mr Christos Papadogias, the man behind this groovy little bastard:

This is fun fodder for the floor. It has that groovy, tight, happy club vibe that many will recognise from around the turn of the century. But is it “retro”? Don’t be so sure! Because, for me it seems this sound is on the way back to the floors again, after a period dominated by a harder and more aggressive type tech house. So maybe we already can say that the bounce is back! I totally wish it welcome.

This track is not scheduled for release on Spotify until March the 10th, so we can’t add him to our playlists just yet. But in the meantime, you might want to check out Christos other tracks too, here: