D I D, “Black Ice”: Prejudice stands for fall

We’ll head to India for our next fun little ride: There we find DID, an abbreviation for Dissociative Identity Disorder, and his “Black Ice”. A track that he describes as “an experimental electronic tune with heavy future bass influences”. Pretty well described.

I have to admit that “Future Bass”, who if I got it correctly is a derivation from the “main hall” type dubstep genre (think Skrillex & co), is not amongst my favourite types of music. It’s a bit too close to “mainstream”, too “teen EDM festival” over it. Electronica for the uninitiated.

Yeah, my prejudice stacks up here. So, the more fun it is to discover a track that rocks my stubborn hard-head and makes me realise that maybe I’ve been too judgemental. Just maybe. 🙂

The staccato, sliced and partitioned arrangements are here, like we’re used to. It’s… Fun. Let’s leave it at that. But for me the addition of an electric guitar type sound (is it a heavily filtered real guitar? Or a synth?) and the ambient touch over the intermezzos between the more traditional future bass segments that made me think, “hmmm… This I could write about.”. So I did. And now you’ve read it. 🙂

We can’t find our Indian friend on Spotify, so this is one of those tracks you don’t find on our “Beatradar Selections” playlist. But most of our picks are featured there. You are welcome to follow it to stay updated on our selections, and enjoy a very, very varied playlist.