Daniel Levak, “So Deep”: No, it’s not. But dat bass!

Guilty pleasures. We all have them. Tracks we feel we shouldn’t like, but do. And this track here triggers my guilt. It’s just so not deep, blatantly aimed straight at the feets on the dance floor by using all those tricks we all know too well, taken straight from the “basic club music design ABC” handbook, and I am already annoyed that I selected this track but fuck it it, listen to that damn bass!

I dare say there is not a single dance floor on this planet, regardless of continent, age group or sexual orientation, that would not dance to this. That would not totally TAKE OFF to it. That floor does simply not exist. And I don’t care how hipster the crowd is. Or how underground. Or how credible the VIP room feels they are. They will fucking go mental. I’m already boiling inside.

In fact I want to head over to Beatport and add it to my bag. I’m gonna do it right NOW.

.. And daaaaamn, that bass line.

You find this track on our playlist “Beatradar Selections” along with all our other selected music:

But in addition we also add this track to our newly created “Club Music” playlist who will go public as soon as we got a critical minimum of tracks on it.