HVOB, “Bloom”: A flower so tender

My goal with this blog is to find the undiscovered electronica artists. Those who have an apparent skill at what they do, but are still largely unknown based on their listener stats and social media following. And I must say, I mostly stay true to that promise.

But I’ve done exceptions in the past. When I come across tracks that I just want to share cause they are just so well done. They serve as a good example as to why some simply are further than others.

And here the other day HVOB (“Her Voice Over Boys“) dropped into my submission box, and with a track so atmospheric and well produced that I wanted to make that kind of exception again.

HVOB is an Austrian duo consisting of Paul Wallner and Anna Müller, and are regularly doing shows across Europe. So they are a bit further on their career than what I usually look for. Their sound is minimalistic, but not simple. Just enough layers, and enough polish, to make a lot out of a little. And that is exactly what I want to show you all here.

I do quite regularly receive minimalistic tracks as suggestions for this blog, but they often lack a coherency, a totality that makes the track larger than the sum of its parts. That’s what HVOB masters. And it’s that exact totality that makes a minimalistic track great.

It’s easy to draw comparisons here with Kidsø, one of my absolute favourite new discoveries I did last year with their debut EP. Much of that same atmosphere and production quality is found there.

Annas accent makes her performance so utterly charming, and an association to Björk can never be wrong. HVOB also did a fascinating music video to go so perfectly with this track, so let’s enjoy that one as we let this gorgeous track into our lives.

In addition to our list “Beatradar Selections” we also added this track to our list “The Calm Lounge“:

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