Jonathan Lim & Iterations, “Chase”: A cyberpunk love affair

Time to stop beating around the bush and go experimental on you all.

Here’s a track that invites you to explore a landscape. This is not music, this is a trip. But it only provides the backdrop, it’s up to you to fill in the details.

As for me, I see a cyberpunk universe in this. An eclectic, steamy and dirty futuristic urban environment. Maybe a marketplace? With goods for sale ranging from suspiciously looking meat substitutes to partially defunct cyborg implants. Sirens in the background. And it’s raining. Always raining.

We’re well over on the leftfield track now. I do actually receive quite a few submissions that do belong to that side of town. And the problem with many – I dare say most – of them is that the experimental part of it all sounds a bit too random. Too “art by accident”. And it probably is.

But not so here. There’s is a totality over the production, like every component resides in the same space, relating to each other. And I think that’s where we separate the good productions from the lesser attempts: The ability to tie together all that creative overflow into something coherent.

I sometimes wish I was a movie director. Oh, you can tell? If I were, I’d ask Jonathan & co to make the soundtrack to my cyberpunk saga.

Chase is added to our “Beatradar Selections” Spotify playlist along with all other selections we do on this blog. You’re welcome to follow it for an ever expanding, very varied list of only the best electronica. According to us, that is.