Kokoro, “Hemoglobin”: Welcome to the techno sump

A revisit to the techno grounds are never wrong. One of my absolute favourite genres has grown so large that it at times is barely recognisable. Here’s a track that I do believe most techno aficionados will agree belong to the techno bag, though.

The meat of the track itself is a fairly standard fare. Well produced, by all means, but man there’s a lot of techno released these days. So, “standard fare” really means it’s good. Else I’d describe it as “anonymous”, and very likely not written about it at all on this blog. It’s good, but standard fare. That made sense to me.

What made it interesting for me is – and please take note club music producers out there – that he did not follow that standard fare breakdown with standard fare snare whirls and all that jazz.

Instead he pretty much throws the entire track straight down into an ambient sump. And he has the balls to keep it there for a while before he pulls us up again and goes full steam ahead.

I dig that. I dig that so much that I picked this track here amongst the tens of techno labelled tracks I receive weekly.

Kokoro is a clubber from Los Angeles, USA, who started making music in 2015. It seems he’s still not to be found on Spotify, that’s how underground he is. But unfortunately that also means we can’t add him to our excellent techno playlist. Some music are best played on Soundcloud, it seems. 🙂

I do want to use this opportunity to plug our “The Techno Club” playlist, even though our friend here is not on Spotify ergo can’t be added to this list. It’s pretty darn good, and you’ll find it is (almost) always updated with our latest techno selections.