M3DIUM – “Saturn Funk”: When the shit hits the funk

“Some Funky Shit” says the sample in this track. And sometimes, that’s all we need.

Here’s a track so satisfyingly unpretentious, so charmingly shallow, a track that only sets out to move our asses. A basic progression is done throughout the track, but in essence it stays the same. The audio image is not overloaded with all sorts of details, it’s the beat track, a bass line, and spice on top. Classic club track formula.

And maybe it’s that “classic” element that triggers me. For someone who’s been hanging in clubs for decades, a “classic” club sound will unavoidably trigger memories.

And this track here could easily have been released a decade ago. And that’s not an insult, not at all. And while I don’t know this artist, M3DIUM, I’m willing to bet that he’s done his fair share of clubbing over the years, just like me. A clubber recognise another clubber. 🙂

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