Moraze, “Jemna”: Oh hello there tribal, how I have missed thee

Progressive + Tribal = One happy blogger. Me. And that’s exactly what Moraze (France) offers on his single “Jemna”, out now. A driving, rolling, groovy and dark ride, triggering the tribal instincts embedded in us all.

This is a track that obviously preferably should be enjoyed on a large sound system in the wee hours of the morning, at a club housing proper clubbers. It’s so controlled, this track. It doesn’t lose focus, doesn’t fall for any cheesy temptations, Moraze knows what he’s doing and trust we are with him. We are. Oh yes. Bring it on, baby.

It’s not that often we get a healthy dose of tribal nowadays. At least not judging from the tracks submitted to us. Too bad, cause the hypnotic drive of a good tribal drum groove is really very hard to top. So I really do hope we see an influx of those elements again, I will welcome the return with open arms.

We’ve added this track to our “Progressive Underground” playlist, where you also can find other deep, groovy gems:

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