Odd XX, “Restart”: Celebrating the odd

There’s a lot about the underground part of the electronica landscape to love. The inventive, individualistic, often uncompromising approach to music making. It’s the sound of freedom! No less.

And that brings me to this artist, Odd XX and his production “Restart”:

Odd XX is the solo project of Berlin-based composer and producer, Turi Agostino. Odd XX often collaborates with vocalists, theatre practitioners and artists to combine various styles, as shown in the really cool video made for the track, with a very fitting, modern choreography:

The positives stack up about this production: Atmospheric, coherent yet unpredictable, unique, haunting, odd… It’s not for everyone. And that is a stamp of quality in our neck of woods.

Yeah, we like this.

This track is found on our Spotify playlist “Beatradar Selections” along with all our other great picks. You’re more than welcome to follow it and enjoy our wide variety of quality electronica.