Rayn – Symbiote: Black metal in electronica land

If a black metal band would make an electronica track, how would it sound? Some would possibly suggest gabber or any of those very hard genres. But it could also be something like… This:

It’s very dark, very industrial and stereotypical male anno the viking age. Just like the mentioned metal bands.

And the BPM is so slow, it barely loiters along with heavy clamped feet. The vocals on this track remind me of growling, even though it’s obviously not. The synth arps are very oldschool, in fact the entire production sounds like something that could have been made a long time ago. And isn’t it like that with the darker metal genres too?

We need to travel over to the USA to find Rayn, who’s located somewhere in Silicon Valley, according to his Soundcloud profile. He’s already had the pleasure of opening for Alan Walker, so here’s a potentially new star in the making – although for a more niche crowd than the mentioned Walker. But we like niche stuff here at Beatradar.

There was something about this track that fetched my interest. Not to say it’s a perfect track. It’s a quite unlayered, simple construction by today’s standards (again the word “oldschool” springs to mind), and could quite frankly have benefited from more depth in the soundscape. The artist have only been making music for a couple of years, and complexity comes with experience. But maybe that simplicity is part of my attraction?

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