Sal Dulu, “Xompulse”: Sometimes, all we need is a piano.

Yet again I push the concept of this blog to the max. I mean, “underground electronica”…. Yeah right: Here’s a track that’s not particularly underground, nor is it electronica. It’s just a very beautiful, solitude piece of solo piano play.

We’ll head over to Ireland this time, and the artist Sal Dulu, who’s just released this little beauty:

One can file this under ambient, I suppose. But above all, one should file this under “beautiful”. Not to blow my own trumpet here, but it actually reminds me of my own track “Nocturnal View” (from the album “Newland Punks”), it has that same atmosphere.

Maybe that’s why I stopped on this track while browsing submissions. Or maybe just cause I love the simplicity of it. Either way, I just wanted to share this with you. Sometimes, all we need is a piano. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

In addition to our “Beatradar Selections, we added this track to our really quite good Spotify playlist “Ambient Universe”;

It deserves to be followed. According to us. 🙂