Vowed, “Close Your Eyes”: Close your eyes and travel in time

There’s one thing that I’ve always been weak for: Classical samples in club music. Yeah yeah, the music police will say it’s cheesy as fuck, but come on. There’s just nothing BIGGER than a fully fledged classical experience, being it a full orchestra or a large, full chorus. Add hard hitting electronica to that, and you got dynamite.

I think it was with the rave wave around 1990 I first got to discover just how powerful the combo of hard beats and majestic classical were.

Our friend Vowed comes from France, and are supported by DJs like Brooks, Sonny Banks, Noizu and Subshock & Evangelos. So it’s a guy with a momentum, this. The track is released just over a week ago, but it does take us back to the early 2000, back to the heydays of Thunderpuss, Royal Gigolos, Benassi and the likes. And I would be very surprised if they are unfamiliar names for this artist.

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