1988, “A001”: A rolling techno groove

Dark. Repetitive. Lurking. Groovy. With just the right progression. Sometimes that’s how we want our techno. And that is exactly what the artist who named himself “1988” delivers:

A secretive fellow, this. All I really know about him (or is it “her”? No idea) is that he resides somewhere in the United States. And, according to his Soundcloud profile, “sometimes I post music, most of the time I don’t”. Alright.

And as quite often is with’em underground kids, they are not that eager to push their music onto the big commercial platforms. So, all I have for you this time around is a Soundcloud link.

But this track is really worth a roll.Do it.

The moment this track is put it up on the big streaming services – and we imagine it will happen eventually – we will of course add it to our “Techno Club” playlist, who’s beginning to hold some really great tracks now!