Altvater: This Pertains To Solitude

For an electronica addict like me, there’s something so refreshing with music that adds analogue/acoustic elements to the composition. And few genres are more fitted for such elements than down-tempo tracks.

I also am a big fan of blending in elements of “world music”. An effective way to make music more interesting. And this track here gives me a little taste of both.

… And how about that title!? Wonderful. So much so, that I didn’t really have anything to add to that in the headline. 😀

Being one that generally prefer instrumental music, I am also really positive on how the human voice is used here just as an instrument, performing non verbal humming. Lovely. This track do not need words, but how wonderfully fitting this female voice is in the audio landscape.

But it’s a very short track. Surprisingly short. 2:52. What’s up with that? It’s so that I first wondered if this was just a preview snippet, but it’s not.

I’d wish for at least one more minute, and also maybe a less abrupt ending. We gotta end this “as short as possible” thing that seem to go on at the moment.

Anyway, in the sea of downtempo submissions I receive every week (it really is quite a lot) this track here is one of those who stood out from the crowd. Well done, Altvater!

In addition to our Spotify playlist “Beatradar Selections” we also quite obviously added this track to our list “The Calm Lounge“:

A list that have grown into a respectable length now and should be well worth adding to your library of playlists, for a source of really good downtempo electronica.