Axel E, “Silverhöjd”: An extraordinary production

This is not your regular proghouse. The sound design really makes it stand out to such a degree it would actually be a bit hard to fit it into a proghouse DJ set. The sounds used are so much more haunting than what we usually find in the genre, and the bed it rests on gives me associations to dark ambient.

So, needless to say, this track really is something out of the ordinary. And when what sounds like a twisted saxophone are entering the scene midway and bringing the track to the peak, well then I just have to give it to you, Axel E:
– This stuff here is god damn awesome!

On the EP you find not only the radio edit I share with you here, but a full version that stretches across a good ten minutes. I love that. Proper length.

Ok, so you’ve listened to the track now, right? Hold on to your hat: This guy, Axel E, is SIXTEEN years old! And from Sweden!

Just… wow.

While exploring the three track single release I discovered that indeed there is an ambient version of the track to be found as well. So in addition to our Spotify playlist “Beatradar Selections” we took that version and added it to our “The Ambient Universe” playlist, where we collect the very best ambient tracks as we find them:

The works on that list are really something special. If you’re an ambient fan like me I really do suggest you give it a follow. I never go to sleep without it. 🙂