Conrad Clifton, “Neva Seen (A Broken Heart)”: If this is a breakup, I wanna get broken

House“. A main genre so wide that it almost becomes a synonym for “music”.

Oh come on, it’s pretty darn close. I must have reviewed a hundred tracks over these last few months, most of them some sort of variant of house, and still not touched one of the major house flavours: Soul/Disco house.

The label pitched this track with a simple, “ever heard a ‘happy’ breakup song, that you can dance to? Vibe to this”. To be honest there’s not that much of a breakup in this track, so the label did over-sell that particular part of it. But they did tickle my fancy so yeah, who’s the sucker here. They got the last laugh 🙂

But it’s a really good house track!
Happy, light on the foot, bright – but with a groove that means business. And that’s important. No matter what variation of house we talk about – the groove must be in place.

Conrad Clifton is a Brooklyn based electronic artist and winner of the Independent Music Award for “Best Dance/Electronic EP“. Clifton was called “one of the most exciting electronic artists to watch” by Earmilk.
So it’s a bit of a stretch to claim that he instantly qualifies to our goal to find the “undiscovered producers”, but he’s still at the stage where there will be plenty of DJs out there who’s still not discovered this little beauty. So there.

It’s quite retro, this track. In fact it reminds me so much of a specific release from back in the days – but I can’t for the love of anything holy recall exactly what. I’m pretty sure that it was a club hit sometime during the late 90s or early 2000…

Could you perhaps have a theory of who I might be thinking of?

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