Drum & Lace, “ae”: There’s something going on

Here’s an interesting one. A very cinematic experience from the borderlands of ambient, chill-out, folklore and movie scores. It’s electronica, indeed, but genuine field recordings adds exciting details to the track and together with the recording of an actual string quartet offers an organic layer to the production that should not be underrated. It lifts the entire track up to be something… More.

It’s of a rather dark and quite experimental shape, but with a story to tell. That’s what makes it so seductive. There’s something going on, and we are invited to tag along and find out.

Behind the name “Drum & Lace” we find Sofia Hultquist, an Italian composer, sound artist & performer. Her composition work includes writing for fashion, dance, theater, and commercials for clients such as NARS, Always, Saudade Theatre, Tanya Taylor and Girls Who Code.

It is no surprise to read that she indeed has merits as a film composer, with “The First Monday in May” (dir Andrew Rossi) , “The Gospel According to André” (dir Kate Novack), ”Invisible Hands” (dir Shraysi Tandon), and upcoming HBO doc “At The Heart of Gold” (dir Erin Lee Carr) and Apple tv-series “Dickinson” (created by Alena Smith) being proud carriers of her work.

It’s well worth exploring the rest of her catalogue too, if this track here fetched your interest. She’s not shy of diving into the experimental side of the electronica pond – and neither should you.

In addition to our list “Beatradar Selections” we also added this track to our “Weird and wonderful electronica”. We will wait with making the list public until we got a larger amount of tracks on it, but I can already now say that this list will be really something special!