Eld, “Senkvärk”: Nod your head to this feelgood groove

I’ll be the first to admit that this is not a track I typically select for this blog. And I do promise, the other tracks I got in store for this week is deeper, more underground.

However, there’s something about this track that I just felt connected to. Am I getting softer with the years? I’ve lately experienced a rising interest in the synthwave style music, and I guess that’s the root of the affection for this track.

Eld himself say he’s in the landscape of Todd Terje, ergo the synthwave/disco house areas, and I can agree with that:

It’s got a nice drive that pulls us effortless through the track. And it has that synthwave flavour, but without sounding too much like a cliche. Well mixed, well arranged, all good.

Also, it’s got a proper length. That is a topic I return to frequently on this blog. It seems there is a “thing” now of releasing ultra-short tracks, and I suspect it is for technical reasons and not artistic. When one receive earnings per play maybe some are figuring it’s better to make short tracks to have people playing it once more, or even to get added to more playlists. Totally undocumented speculation on my part, but I do have a feeling i’m right. I would not be surprised if it’s been argued by some “guru” somewhere on the internet.

So with this blog post we cheer for a proper length house track and a head-nodding groove!

Added to our ever growing list “Beatradar Selections”, along with all our other picks over the weeks. It’s starting to become a really wide selection of tracks, but all within our definition of good electronica.