Eric Shans & Slav Ka, “Red Moon”: Sway your thang, this is groovy

This is a slow burner, hovering in the deep / minimal / progressive house landscape. And the ever important groove is prominent. Not in a “go mad on the floor” kinda way, but I dare you not to unconsciously nod your head in a rhythmic fashion during this stroll.

Or sway your butt. Thump your thumbs. Or whatever it is you do when you feel the groove.

Both mr Ka and Shans are producers and DJs residing in Brooklyn, NY (USA).
Ands while I struggle with finding more info on Slav Ka, Eric Shans has been making and playing music for almost 20 years. He’s played across many venues in the NYC area. Eric also co-runs the labels 3Bridge Records and 3Bridge Elements based in Brooklyn and is one of the founders of the inTransit parties which take place in New York City.

We gladly added this track to our “Beatradar Selections” playlist along with the other tracks we select here at Beatradar. Well worth following for a wide selection of quality electronica!