Farnell Newton, “Monday” (ft. Jason Fabus): A jazzy Sunday jam

Time for some calm vibes. Today’s selected track is also a great opportunity for me to touch a genre I haven’t been near so far on this blog: Jazz. The jazz is strong in this one.

A lonely, dry sounding trumpet takes lead and delivers an atmospheric, friendly and calm atmosphere. Some might argue this is too acoustic to qualify as “electronica”, but we don’t care. Not today. It’s a great piece, suitable for a Sunday.

Lifted from the album “7 Days Of Rain”, this is the track with perhaps the most apparent electronica elements, and despite the title we would claim it’s equally suitable for Sundays. 😉

Rain is an audible component throughout the entire album, and the label can tell us that “here in the Pacific NW (USA) we get 43 inches of rain on average in a year and 154 rainy days per year”. Evidently that influence also the artwork from that region.

They continue, “Trumpeter Farnell Newton is one of the most versatile musicians & educators in the Northwest, playing straight ahead jazz, funk, Latin music, soul, hip hop, and more. In the last few years, Farnell has been touring with 3 times Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Jill Scott and with the Legendary Rhinestone Rockstar Bassist Bootsy Collins.”

Will they be touring your region soon? I’d use that opportunity and stop by, if I were you.

This track is added to our rapidly growing Spotify list “Beatradar Selections”, where all the tracks we cover in this blog are featured. A solid collection of moods and temper!