FRNTIK, “Abstraction”: A good wave to surf.

Synthwave (also called vaporwave) fascinates me. After all these years with eighties music played over and over god damn absolutely everywhere, I’ve long wondered when the hell it’s going to pass. But no. It doesn’t. Now artists have started recreating that eighties sound instead.

Problem is, there’s a lot of crap synthwave out there. And I do mean a lot. In fact, browsing through some playlists on Spotify it seems most are cheap productions that would never go anywhere near any charts back then.

So it is then with a great deal of pleasure I do pick up those releases that are not. Those that do have that eighties flair without being crap. Admittedly it is a bit on the side for our proclaimed focus on this blog, on underground current electronica. But one could always argue that synthwave isn’t exactly mainstream, either.

Todays track is really solid retro, yet it is not just a copycat, it has something that reveals it’s from today. And I like that. It’s current, only retro.

The sound quality is obviously current. And the little touch of glitch works really well.

All in all the kind of synthwave productions we want to hear more often.

(… And I gotta stop using the word “wave” in the headline each time I review a synthwave track. Yes, I must.)

As I mentioned, there really are a lot of synthwave lists out there who outright sucks. So we’ve decided to make a list that doesn’t. It’ll take some time to make that list, but at least the work has started. And when this track, “Abstraction” is available on Spotify it will be added!
You are of course more than welcome to already at this stage
follow it, and watch it grow. Slowly, but surely. Quality before quantity.