Jonny Tobin, “Super Genesis”: More eighties than the eighties itself

Today’s track is a fun track. A funky, synth based track that is so eighties that “Sonny” Crockett could very well pop up outside my window in dockers w/no socks right now and I’d just say “yo, how’s it hanging” and continue writing this review.

When I first listened through it, I felt an instant urge to play Grand Theft Auto Vice City. I still do. And this track here would be running in my virtual car radio.

From the press release I read that Jonny Tobin is a Vancouver-based keys player and beatmaker. Initially finding success as a freelance session musician and a creator of music for other artists, he has spent the last 5 years building a name for himself – touring, playing on a variety of albums across all genres, co-writing award-winning songs, and performing as much as humanly possible. Known for a huge, soulful sound and a playful energy on the keys, Jonny has excelled at connecting with a plethora of fellow musicians. Now he’s ready to get his own music out into the world.

He himself would rather draw parallels to the 90s videogame music, but damn, this is like an electronic version of Mezzoforte! And they had their heydays in the early eighties.

The irony here – from a personal point of view – is that I can’t stand the eighties. Or rather – as I have found out with the synthwave/vaporwave movement over the recent years, it’s the hits of the eighties I can’t stand. So insanely over-saturated beyond belief. I grew tired of that shit during the eighties. But the sound of that decade is really quite fun – in small doses.

And this track here is probably one of the best of the kind I’ve heard in a good while.

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