Klangplanet, “Utopia”: Synthpop meets house

This seems to be a week out of the ordinary here at Beatradar. Originally set out to cover the contemporary underground club tracks, I seem to have a temporary knack towards the retro sounds and are hell bent to not stick to our declared goals.

Yesterday I picked a track that was intentionally very retro. Today I got a track that also have clear roots backwards, but without as obviously trying to be retro. The vocals, both lead and chorus are very 80s, the beat very 90s. Interestingly it seems to be a rising curve of music with 90s feel lately, at least judging from what’s been submitted to us.

It’s obviously very cinematic, this track. In fact it reminds me of the Austrian artist Falco, the same theatrical and beat oriented arrangement plus the very typical female chorus, and I for one don’t mind that.

But how does this track differ from those that we decline? I think part of the attraction here stems from the audio production. It’s just so crystal clear, gorgeous drum sounds, clearly defined soundscape. It just sounds so… Crunchy! Goes to show how important a proper mixing and mastering stage is.

Funky, playful guitar riffs breaks the otherwise quite cold synth landscape, a very welcome detail. All in all a track that I find a bit hard to categorise, but easy to enjoy!

This track is added to our ever expanding “Beatradar Selections” playlist, a list that we do welcome you to follow for a selection of pretty diverse tracks, all with the Beatradar stamp of approval!