Kokoro – “Cardiogram”: Take me to your rave, Kokoro. Please.

This will be the first time I do a second review from the same artist. And it’s even only his second release, meaning I’ve blogged about his entire catalogue so far! 😀

So, dear clubbers of all genders and shapes, once again I present to you; Kokoro. Earlier I got real excited about his release “Hemoglobin“, but you got to check out this track as well, “Cardiogram”:

Cardiogram was inspired by the heavy, driving rhythms Kokoro discovered in warehouse raves taking place in the decrepit district of Skid Row, Los Angeles.

The track is led by a deep, prominent bass rumble but for me it’s the fiery synthlines that starts just about midways that really, really makes me lose my marbles. I mean, for heavens sake, LISTEN to that thing!

The drive of this track takes no prisoners – the stomping is destroying the floor. The progression is p.e.r.f.e.c.t. And that synth… Ah man. I wish it could have my baby.

So yeah. But I gotta tell you this, Kokoro: I have no intention of making this blog a fan site of yours. So the next single I MAY just have to let pass.

So I do hope that every single one of you who read this and dig his work as hard as I do, have now pressed “follow” on this artists profile page on your stream provider so you don’t need me to tell you when his next release is out. Cause I am pretty damn sure this guy will continue his awesomeness. This guy is the real deal.

That also means he’s the first artist with two entires in our “The Techno Club” playlist, but I’m sure you all don’t mind.

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