Lämmerfyr, “Places”: A place of sublime qualities

Good deep and progressive electronica should hold details that we can delve into. It should be a bit sublime, you should not have everything thrown into your face. It should just be there, rolling, delivering that ever-important fundamental groove, but from there on it’s up to you to explore the piece.

Here’s one of those kind of tracks.
For me, this track is all about the percussion that forms the beat. For you it may be the effects that are scattered around, creating a wide space in this production. Or the carefully laid out pads that forms a melody line. Or the ever present drone in the background? It’s all there, for us to explore.

It’s one of those tracks that grows on you. It’s easy in a busy everyday to skip the ones without instant gratification, but give this one a chance. Let it roll a bit around in your head, and see if it doesn’t stick. If you’re anything like me, it will.

This track is added to our newly created “Progressive Underground” playlist, a list that we look forward to build up to a really great collection of the deep and progressive. There’s still work to be done with this list, but you’re more than welcome to follow it today and watch it grow with time! But as always with our lists: Quality before quantity.