Limited Past, “UFO”: A wave worth surfing

After quite frankly a rather problematic intro, this piece of synthwave finally latch into the meat of the track, with the slow beat and lazy vocals filling the stereo field. And from then on I was pretty much sold.

It’s not afraid to walk its own path, this track. It breaks out in solo keyboard segments, stumbles into an ambient break, takes long pauses, vocals return again, it’s all quite chaotic but that’s what makes it unique! I wouldn’t change a single thing.

The vocals are very Neil Tennant (Pet Shop Boys) type half talking half singing, very well fitting for the atmosphere of the track.

And then, pretty much out of nowhere, it is over. And I felt the urge to rewind and press play again. And again. And again. Good job!

This track was added to our “Beatradar Selections” playlist, a list that’s increasingly well worth following!