Louis Sterling, “Black Gate To Utopia”: A very promising debut

Louis Sterling is preparing the launch of his debut EP, and does so with releasing a first track that is full of promise. The intro is really quite cinematic, with all these little computerised sounds and beeps, setting a futuristic scenario:

As the track progress, something that sounds like a muted guitar is introduced, all while activities are heard in the background, triggering our curiosity. And the guitar is well kept from breaking into a cheesy melodic part. It’s just there, more hinting of a melody line.

The reason I love ambient, is really quite well summed up in this track. There’s just nothing better to feed your imagination. And judging from this track he’s clearly an artist to keep an eye on.

As for us, we really can’t wait to hear the rest of this EP!

We added this track to our ambient playlist “The Ambient Universe” – a playlist that has become something we’re really proud of:

We really do encourage ambient fans to follow this playlist, the content is tweaked almost daily, tracks added (and removed) to find that perfect blend. We hope you agree we’ve come a long way with this list. Pro tip: Use “shuffle” and get a new stream each time – and newly added tracks are played first.