Marco Amoazoo, “Mandolina”: Deep, elegant, repeat-worthy.

A good, deep house track with just the right drive, that’s a balance act of the finest order. It should never pull all the straps, but remain a low profile, always groovy and above all, bucketloads of elegance. This track here, from Marco Amoazoo (Switzerland), has all that.

The mandolin is paired with an elegant set of percussive instruments, and together they form a layer of an exotic tribal atmosphere. I love it.

There are no sharp borders between deep house and progressive house, and this track here could very well work early on a proghouse set as well as a pure deep house session.

One of the great things about house music like this, is that it works so well on repeat. It doesn’t tire your senses like a lot of the more upbeat genres tend to do. So this track here will very likely stay on our Spotify playlist “Beatradar Selections” for a very long time.

We also added this track to our recently created playlist “Progressive Underground“. It’s a bit short right now, but we’re building it brick by brick to become a great source for elegant, deep and progressive house tracks.