Millennium Falck, “Beat Drop”: Don’t drop this beat too soon

When it comes to dance music I keep harping on about that ever so important groove as the crucial ingredient. But here’s a track that’s almost too groovy. Yeah.

The beat jumps out of the speakers and slaps you in the face. It’s so intense that I’m thinking, is there any other moment during a house set to drop this one other than at the very peak?

I mean, listen to this banger:

Would it even ruin a set by being dropped too early?

The influences from the french electronica duo Daft Punk are quite audible, but we’re in Finland now.
According to mr Falck, his music is from Neo Helsinki in the year 2080. Millennium Falck, the time traveller and audio wizard. One of Neo Helsinki’s residents, the messenger of these stories from the future.
Yeah, I can dig that.

He describes his project as “a musical interpretation of how the district of Kallio in Helsinki sounds like in the year 2080. Kallio in the 2080’s is filled with CyberYuccies who like futurefunk and oldschool floppy discs and cassettes. Beat Drop is the first song of the EP that portrays the discoteque scene of Kallio in the year 2080’s.”

And that EP is simply just bloody great. What it sounds like? A delicious mashup of 90s disco house and eighties synthwave! Check it out:

I’m with you, Millennium! Let’s go!

This track is added to our “It’s House Music!” playlist, and is bouncing around in there as we speak:

In addition we also added another track from his catalogue to our synthwave/retrowave playlist, currently in the making. Watch this space.