NOGYMX, “Komorebi”: Welcome to my lounge

All music paints pictures, but to me it seems that the slower the music is, the more visual it gets. Have you ever thought about that?

If we take an upbeat, energetic club track we jump on the groove and probably vision the perfect club night. It’s the groove that matters, not the images.

If we then go down to the more slower genres, maybe a sassy breakbeat or something, more of a scene may appear; cavemen banging their tribal drums or whatever. And the slower we get, the more detailed the imagery gets, until we get all the way down to ambient. That’s the ultimate image-making genre.

Chillout and lounge music are found somewhere in between those two extremes. And how I personally separate the good from the average when it comes to those down-tempo productions, is to what extent the track takes me somewhere.

They can’t just be harmonic, nice melodies. That’s boring. They need to take me on their tender shoulders and lead me somewhere nice.

And that, finally, takes me to this track: Komorebi by Nogymx.

Ambient can (and often are) lonely, grim, dark places, and I’m totally joining that ride. But chill-out needs to take me somewhere calm, peaceful, safe, somewhere to rest. All while remaining original. That’s the challenge in a nutshell for these genres.

It’s not to say the originality is through the roof here. But the imagery is.
I’m straight into a downtown lounge, midweek, only me and a few other guests, the house band is playing for nearly nobody but are totally into the music and doesn’t care.
It’s been a long day. Puzzling day. I am not sure what to expect from tomorrow. All I know, is that right now I am sitting in this pocket of time, enjoying the drink on my table and the solitude notes from the saxophone player while waiting for the rain to stop.

The mix sits right, no fancy pancy producer whips and slashes. This is controlled and sweet, delivered as it was always meant to sound. Timeless. Elegant.
Good stuff.

Welcome to my lounge.

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